Cezcon is a technology firm that stands for transformation of businesses. We achieve this by amplifying efficiency, accuracy and sustainability in their operations, sales, management and overall contribution to the society. Here’s a brief on our philosophy, experience and goals that guide us.


Deliver optimized technology solutions on time, thus helping customers streamline their business, fulfil commitments and seize the window of opportunity.


Spearhead sustainable, integrated technology solutions for businesses of future by creating a culture of open discussion, engagement and flexibility.

Develop, upheld and promote clear policies and programs on fine workmanship, meeting obligations and contributing to the development of one’s field of study.

Respect the timelines, requirements, limitations and various views of the clients, employees and stakeholders while maximizing the impact of the products and services we work with.

Cezcon About Us


Though started in 2014, Cezcon showcases many years of experience in diverse technology applications from its team of professionals who come from different IT and business backgrounds.

Our constantly updating, experienced professionals provide you with guidance in technological decision making.

Developed over 100 websites and mobile applications and promoting them through digital marketing in diverse areas, Cezcon can be your choice not just to build and launch but to have a guarantee on scaling up business with applications.

We have built 4 fully functional software applications; Berry HRM, CRM, ERP and EDUCEZ Academic Solutions. These applications helping clients across industries speak for themselves.