It’s no wonder the decision to automate certain business functionality or an aspect of your business is a tough one. There are so many intricacies to consider, especially when the decision to use prebuilt software, which might disrupt the way an existing business operate. However, all that your business might need is a simple automation, not a complete ERP, to get started with and have the ability to update and add on, whenever required. How do you decide which is the best way? Get started with a small functionality or with a complete system? The decision can be tricky, and you might need an expert to analyze the risk, decide a timeline and devise a plan.

This is where we fit in. One might have many questions about the practicality of the software or might as well be outright afraid of the idea of getting a wrong software that could, in turn be detrimental than beneficial. No one wants to use legacy software today while Software as a service (Saas) and many other options available including cloud hosted products.

Most often product comparisons do not yield any better decisions as no product best-fits a certain company’s operations. Often a lot of customization is required to manage different aspects of the business it automates. Two of the most important questions to ask then become, how friendly it is to integrate with other software products the business interacts with and how the product updates work.

We develop custom, out of the box, software solutions to suit your exact business needs. We also customize our existing software solutions to match your requirements, fast, efficient and cost effectively. Our products include;


Cezcon HRM application is your answer to a ready to use, delivered online, highly configurable HR solution that just fits, no matter the size of your business. This modular HR system is designed to scale up as you require by adding modules depending on your requirements. Offering employees payroll features, Berry HRM makes people management easier than ever.


CRM lets you manage your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single system. Analyze customer interactions, drive sales and assist in customer retention to create extraordinary customer relationships with this online CRM Software that's innovative, yet affordable. With modules such as lead, opportunity, contact, account, quote and more, CRM automation helps you streamline your business’s sales and marketing on the go.


Automate your business processes with ERP without incurring huge costs of developing or customizing. With modules such as Inquiry, Clients, Supplier, Quotation, Projects, Invoice, Payment, Accounts & Reporting, ERP fits small to medium enterprises and help managers make faster and better decisions. (Use only if okay) Integrating applications to interact with each other is one of the major pain points ERP successfully managed to stay ahead of the competition.

EDUCEZ Academic Solutions

Capitalizing on the ongoing demand for powerful technology solutions in academics for sometime now, Cezcon brings its Educez Academic solutions to effectively manage large data and operations of academic institutions. This modular Academic software system allows choosing modules such as Registration, Class & Divisions, Fees Management, Progress Report, Messaging, Staff Management etc to operate efficiently as required.