As a preferred Mobile application development company in Dubai, Cezcon primarily deals with two types of mobile applications; extensions of the software you work/use and customer facing mobile applications.

We develop iPhone and Android applications. Cezcon Cross platform mobile application development saves you time and effort.

Here's a detailed look at distinct mobile application development services from Cezcon;

Mobile platform extension of software applications

Who wouldn’t want to take a look at what’s going on with a much anticipated product launch, tracking a shipment, a new order or the business intelligence for the next set of operations right on your mobile as they happen?

Not just saving time and prolonged decisions, access to your CRM or ERP through a mobile application means much more in terms of staying ahead of competition and excelling on customer satisfaction. Though the mobile version may not be able to handle the data intensive tasks, it serves well on the information sharing and update part. Well designed mobile application interface lets customers take benefit of staying on top of things while away from their office.

Cezcon, as a custom software developer, figured out that mobile application extension of the software adds value to the organization and has found itself to be the best developer to work on the mobile version of the platform. We develop for both the worlds; iPhone and Android.

Customer facing mobile applications

A mobile application is a much more powerful tool in converting visitors into customers. If 24/7 access to information, commerce and leads were highlights on creating website and being available online, mobile application further removes that barrier; always handy to make calls, payments and transactions.

Whether you are an existing player who sells online, generate leads and engage customers or have an amazing idea you want to roll out online, a mobile application is something that you cannot ignore anymore.

Though it might look rewarding to launch a mobile application, it’s worth considering the demography that you target. The feasibility of customers keeping your app on their devices, when applications compete each other for the limited space available on each mobile, must also be considered.

Cezcon, with years of online marketing and mobile application development expertise, can support you in analyzing the opportunity and devise a sound mobile application strategy before you get started with one.